Multimeter: A Great Tool for Diagnosing Electrical Problems

Not sure what a multimeter is? Well, if you want to have an instrument that can be used to measure electric properties such as current, voltage and resistance over several ranges of value, you should have a multimeter. Alternatively, a multimeter is referred to as a circuit analyzer, multitester, or the Volt-Ohm-Meter (VOM). A multimeter is a multi functional device. By turning the switch, you can use this tool as a Voltmeter, Ammeter or as an Ohmmeter.

So instead of having separate meters, try to have a multimeter that combines many different features. Most car mechanics and car owners use multimeter on batteries and motors for the purpose of detecting malfunctions and lessen their cause as soon as possible. To have a perfect process for this case, find the best multimeter. You must be careful in finding the best one for you to get the right one base on the specified sensitivity range you would like the most.

Multimeter: A Great Tool for Diagnosing Electrical Problems

What Makes Multimeter Useful

Multimeters are important to measure resistance when you are working with the switches, fuses, sensors and other components of your vehicle such as lighting, stereo as well as ignition coil. Measuring the resistance of the vehicle will help you prevent further damages before it would end up on buying a new one. There are multimeters as well that offers the ability to read continuity. This ability is essential to test fuse, broken wires and any parts that pass current.

When it comes to current, a multimeter is also useful. Indeed, a multimeter is not just a simple tool; it is an electronic measuring instrument that merges many several functions in one unit. It is a hand-held device which is highly useful for finding and correcting basic faults and field service work. Multimeters can also be used for bench instruments in order to get high degree of accuracy. They can also be used to troubleshoot electrical problems in different industrial and household devices like electronic equipment, domestic appliances and wiring systems as well as motor controls and power supplies. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for Better and Easier OBD2 Use

Whether you are a beginner or not, using an OBD2 scan tool is not a difficult task. It is something that anyone can do, anyone can learn and anyone can afford. To learn how to use an OBD2 scan tool is an essential thing to make sure that you are always in a smooth and fault-free repair process. Despite the importance of the OBD2 scan tool, many people bought a kind of tool like without even learning how it would be used and how it can better serve you.

Such cases lead to some confusion and perhaps a misinterpretation of the trouble codes. The user may then end up spending too much and leaving the car into serious damages. Shed up some light by reading OBD2 scanner reviews as well as tips and tricks so can have a better idea on how to use it to the fullest.

Tips and Tricks for Better and Easier OBD2 Use

What Makes the OBD2 Scanner Differs from the OBD1

You can use the scan tool better if you understand its use and you know what that OBD2 port is really for. The OBD2 port is the standard computer interface in the most automotive industry since 1996. This port will give way to all matching scanner tools in order to show the errors it was getting. Before it was mandated maybe way back in 1994, cars have different computer controls and the ports vary from car to car with their own protocols.

It has been very hard for the cars owners to buy a scan tool that matches their port before so the arrival of the OBD is a blessing to most car users. The OBD is an approach to check different errors in the vehicles and has released the OBD1 to check car problems. However, problems occurred when most automakers developed codes and definitions and it has been very difficult to identify problems associated with motor failing in the version-I of the OBD. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Nissan Z-cars are Amazing

A sports car is a low and small car that usually seats two people. The sports car is designed for quick response, easy maneuverability and high-speed driving. When it comes to the most in-demand sports car, there is only one manufacturer that makes such car notable – Nissan Z-car. Sports cars are well-known for their outstanding speed and style.

With Z-car, sports car’s great transformation happens for a lot more amazing rides. Z-car is the name everyone always talks about. What makes Z-car great? Many things. One of them is the great performances and the ability to make riders experience incredible trips. Z-car ranks as one of the most popular sports cars throughout history.

Here are the reasons why.

1. Easily noticeable

The overall body style of Z-cars has composed of a long nose and almost hatchback-like flair. These features can be seen throughout the whole generations of Z most especially after the redesigned of 350z model. As you can observe, you can see the name of the brand and gorgeous style instantly. This is because Nissan did focus more on spectacular style over performance as seen between 280ZX and 300ZX causing other competitors to envy.

2. Brilliant handle capacity

If you lay everything to Z-car, you are in good hands. If you would try driving Nissan’s series of a sports car, you will see how easy it is to throw it sideways. Z-car also offers amazing mechanical grip. Though Z-cars become heavier for a two-seater but they have a power-to-weight ratio that will always make riders happy. And because Z-car has the ability to handle passengers softly, there would be lower death risk.

3. Suitable for everyone

No matter what the age and no matter what the gender of the user is, Z-cars offer no limits. You can even see middle-aged petrolheads driving Nissan sports car series such as 350z and 370z. This is good for it can encourage people on their 20’s that Z-cars are not just for them but also best for middle-aged. Z-cars are designed to be used by people of all ages. In fact, although newer generations are still dominant in the US, Z-car is greatly functional for the post-university drivers.

4. Fairlady Z remains

Many people love the original Z-series known as the Fairlady Z and it is one of the coolest features admired by most enthusiasts. A number of numerous updates for Nissan Fairlady Z began through many generations but the name will never die. Even the generations have their own designation in the imported countries including the US, but Japan maintains the original label of Fairlady Z even how far the generations may reach.

5. Race-ready

Most sports cars are used intentionally for racing for they are designed for high-speed driving. With Z-car, you can expect more. There is almost millions of Z-car series have been sold each generation actually taking the banner of being one of the best cars ever made in the world. Some reasons that make Z-cars fast is the presence of twin turbo, lightweight flywheel and performance clutch as well as bigger brakes and many other high-speed necessities. For less than a GT-R, you can have a race-ready sports car.

7 Precautions In Using Cordless Impact Wrench

In a different kind of industry having the most portable, durable and easy to use a product, that produces an extraordinary performance is a must such as having a cordless impact wrench in automotive or construction industry.

This cordless impact wrench is necessary and better than many other drivers and construction handy tool since it can provide you different and powerful torque and faster work for many and different uses.

Using and operating a power tool like the best cordless impact wrench demands a different kind of safety precautions such as the following:

1. Preparation


This is required in everything and for all kind of tools and for any other kind of procedures. Preparation for everything is a must, not only that is really essential for everything but it is also for your own good.

If you are prepared then you’ll save more time and more effort; Being prepared means knowing things around you and knowing what you will be needing and what you will be doing next.

You need to prepare you tools and the material you’re going to need while working, prepare your cordless impact wrench in the best way to prevent any problems ahead.

2. Use Safety Accessories Required

image003Preparation and safety are twins, they should always be considered together. Doing safety measure and wearing needed safety accessories should be considered.

You cannot start working without having safety face mask to cover yourself when it’s dusty in your workplace. There will also be the time when the work you’re about to do will cause and produce dust and other small substances and you have to wear face masks and safety goggles to prevent any interference with your work.

You should never forget wearing safety goggles to prevent any other thing or small particular objects from hitting or accessing to your eyes while working, this is a very safe tip that you should never ignore.

3. Never Forget Other Accessories

image005Other than safety gears there were also different kind of tools accessories related to cordless impact wrench that you need to consider. Such as its tool partner like the sockets and of course, we should never forget the drill bits and the nuts.

Right before starting to work or the activity don’t forget to check. And know whether the certain accessory fits, and is compatible on your main cordless impact wrench or to the use of it because using and having a wrong accessory could be such an inconvenience and could make a lot of clutter on you and in your workplace.

4. Check Your Tools

Always check your tools, especially the cordless impact wrench if it is damaged or if it requires some changes and reapplication of grease or lubrication; with these, you can assure yourself that you’re not going to get or face any trouble any time in your working hour.

5. Awareness On The Work Place

Workplace and its space are really important because it is where you’re going to do most of the working and it is where you’re going to move most of your actions.

You have to be aware of where you are working on and everything beside or around it, to be fully much aware of the situation you’re currently in or the problem you’re going to face ahead.

6. Properly Usage of Cordless Impact Wrench

The main thing that we have to do properly and correctly is the usage and operating of the tool and its accessories.

We have to do it really well and correctly because this is what will be the foundation or this will be where most of the result will come from.

7. Conditioning and Keeping Of Tools

From the six other tips above, finally were nowhere at the bottom. Always remember to condition your tools, some cordless impact wrench could be a little sensitive and you have to take care of it correctly to keep it long lasting and to make it work better.

Keep your tools in a safe place, along with the accessories or place them in the place where you can remember and can have access to for the further usage in the future. Take care of your things and keep them properly and safely.

Plan ahead and think of your every move, do it correctly and never think always be prepared for everything that might come along the way.

These tips would help you eradicate problems but the result of your overall work and construction will always be up to you.

Start with preparation to your tools, preparation to your workplace and space, and examination of these both things and then start preparing yourself for the job or work that you’re about to do.

Make sure of the three double Ps which include the proper preparation, perfect prevention, and planned process; with these 3 double Ps your work will surely be well and you don’t have to face any other problems ahead.

Jose A. Brown is an expert in mechanic equipment services who is the founder of He also likes to sharing tip trick and writes many interesting article and blog, helping people in understanding his field of work. He always writes the best article helping people to know how to buy and use the right tool for their works.

Top Features Of A Great OBD2 Scanner

Since car check-ups and diagnoses from automobile service stations can create a big hole in your wallet, it may be the time for you to buy the best OBD2 scanner for your vehicle. Having this automobile scanning tool would be able to lessen your expenses regarding your car maintenance. If you want to save more than a few hundred dollars, buying your own OBD2 scanner might be the best decision for you.

If you want to buy the OBD2 scanner that can truly help you with your vehicle, it might be time to check out the automobile tools market. If you are looking for the best OBD2 scanner in the market, you need to make sure that the following features listed below are present.

Top Features Of A Great OBD2 Scanner

• It is compatible with your vehicle.

The first thing that you need to consider is the compatibility of the OBD2 scanner that you want with your automobile. No matter how many features it has, it would be rendered useless if you cannot use it on your vehicle. While most OBD2 scan tools are compatible with vehicles that were produced after 1996, it is still important that you personally check out its compatibility with your car. You might end up wasting more money if it doesn’t manage to work with your vehicle.

• It is an upgradeable tool.

One of the features of a prominent OBD2 scan tool is that it can be upgraded. While not all of the scan instruments in the market are upgradeable, there are many models that can be updated. If you buy an OBD2 scanner that can be upgraded, it would be able to help you save more money in the future. Since you can simply update it with different software, you wouldn’t need to spend money every year just to replace the scan tool that you already have on hand.

• It comes with its own built-in support system.

Since you are going to use your OBD2 scanner by yourself, it would be essential that your scanner tool comes with its built-in help. Support systems come in different shapes and sizes. There are simple supporting products that come in the form of instruction manuals and booklets, but there is also more sophisticated support like internal software and the like. All of these support systems can help you maximize the potential of your scan tool so that it wouldn’t go to waste.

• It has internal storage for data logs.

One of the most important features that you should look for in your OBD2 device is if it has the internal storage for your data logs. Since you might use your scanner tool while you are on the go, it would not be safe for you to check out your OBD2 scanner just to get the codes. By having the internal data logs, you can choose to access the produced codes anytime and anywhere that you would like.

Many OBD2 scanners are out in the market. Before you buy one, you should make sure that it would be able to do its job for you. By purchasing a functional scanner tool, you would not only be saving time but also money.

Top 3 OBD2 Scanners in the Market

With the increase of vehicles and automobiles, car owners tend to find tools that can help them prolong their vehicle’s life or assist them to save more money. Recently, there is a tool that can help car owners save more than hundreds and thousands of dollars. This tool is the OBD2 scanner and having one would be able to assist you in your daily car maintenance. You should find the best OBD2 scanner for your vehicle.

Since most car service stations or dealers might charge you for hundreds of dollars to check your vehicle’s status, it would save you money if you can do it on your own. With the development of the OBD2 Scanners, you are able to find different information regarding your cars. If you are interested in having your own OBD2 scanner, here are the top 3 best OBD2 scanners in the market.

1. Autel MaxiScan MS300 Diagnostic Scanner

Autel MaxiScan MS300 Diagnostic Scanner

For our list, the number one OBD2 scanner is the Autel MaxiScan MS300. From its price to its function, this piece of scanner would be able to reach your expectations. As one of the best scanners in the market, it comes with a bulky outer appearance and simple controls. This OBD2 scanner is reliable as it is used by many car service stations. One of the best features of the Autel MaxiScan MS300 is that it can get thousands of Diagnostic Trouble Codes, which can sometimes be abbreviated to DTCs. As long as you have the instruction guide on hand, you would be able to use this scanner with minimal external help. Since this scanner is both cheap and functional, it deserves the top spot on our list.

2. INNOVA 3030 Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code Reader

INNOVA 3030 Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code ReaderComing from one of the most trusted companies for OBD2 scanners, the INNOVA 3030 Diagnostic Scan Tool is one of the most positively reviewed scanners in the market. While using the INNOVA OBD2 scanner might seem complicated for some, it is easily understandable once you finished reading the manual that comes with it. While it comes with complex controls, the INNOVA 3030 Diagnostic Scan Tool can provide more information about your vehicle than most other OBD2 scanners in the automobile market.

3. ScanTool OBDLink SX USB

ScanTool OBDLink SX USBOne of the most popular OBD2 scanners in the market is the SCantool OBDLink SX USB. Even though it has been produced earlier than most of the modern scanners, it is still one of the most favored tools. The ScanTool OBDLink comes with simple controls that can produce reliable results. One of the most notable features of this product is that it can be linked to your computer, your laptop, or even your tablet as this device comes with its own USB cable. As long as your vehicle has been manufactured after 1996, it is possible for the ScanTool to diagnose it.

You can save more money with these scanners as it allows you access to the same information that a car dealer would be able to provide you. The only difference is that having your own scanner would let you save more money.
For more information, read Tips for better and easier OBD2 use.

The Mysteries of Formula 1 Racing Autos

The Formula 1 racing autos – the beasts on the track themselves also contain the mysteries that not everyone knows.

1. Chassis

It is the fulcrum for an F1 car could be rolled on the track. A chassis is designed to ensure adequate 2 requirements: lightweight and durable. Previously, most of the chassis is made from aluminum material, but now it has been replaced with carbon-plastic or carbon-aluminum composite. The result is the car still light enough, while ensuring to withstand enormous resistance of the air when it dashes away at a rate of hundreds of km / h.

Design of chassis is governed by a lot of strict rules of tournaments. From the how wide the floor of chassis is, tilting at what degree of angle, the height from ceiling of cockpit to seat design…, your vehicle must satisfy with all these requirements, if you do not want to say goodbye with the game.

2. Engines

It is the main factor making the power of the F1 cars. If you still wish to force Lewis Hamilton to give in, your engine should be enough two factors: strong enough and easy to control.

Over the time, the engines have a lot of improvements, from the volume, the capacity to the costing fuel… Let’s imagine together that, now you are sitting on the car helping Michael Schumacher to get championship in 1995. You own in the hands the engine with capacity maybe up to nearly 1000 horsepower, and then you realize you are dashing away at speed of hundreds of km / h after just less than 5s.
As well as design of the chassis, the motor of this car is also influenced a lot by the rules of the tournament. Still remember that turbo-engine that has made headlines on the Formula 1 auto racing tracks over the decade 70-80 was officially banned in 1989 due to the terrible power of it. Its capacity can be up to over 1000 horse power, accompanied by the sober head and professional driving – perhaps no one can be your opponent.

3. Clutches

Possessing a powerful enough engine – the next step you need to have a good power transmission to transfer all that power to 4 wheels. Like all other cars, the transmission of a Formula 1 auto including the gearbox, the velocity distributor and the motor shaft. The gearbox usually has from 4 to 7 boost gears, and now most of the cars attending the F1 tournament possess 7 boost gears. A reverse gear is required. Gearbox will be connected directly to the velocity distributor – a set of gears allowing the rear wheels to rotate at different speeds when you turn the steering.

The gearshift in a Formula 1 car is completely different from a conventional car. Instead of using the traditional H-shaped gearshift style, the racers will change the gears through some paddles located behind the steering wheel. Boosting the gear is located on one side, and reserving the gear will lie on the opposite side. This gearshift style will help you to fully master the car on the track, instead of focusing on press the gear shift like a silly person and being impotent to look the opponent to go beyond.

4. Brakes

A conventional brake will not be able to curb the monster of you, when it was launched like a shot at a speed of 400km / h. You will need the brakes that are specifically designed, whenever required to decelerate at a U-shaped curve. Brakes of F1 cars are almost designed in the form of disc brake, using the carbon fiber pads.

This design reduces the damage for the vehicle, and increases the braking performance. Although it is very light, but this brake system proves extremely effective, even when the temperature reaches to 750 degrees Celsius. The hole designs around the brake allows the heat to escape quickly. The intakes which are mounted on the outside of the wheels also contribute to cool the brakes.

5. Tires

This is the only part of the car in contact with the road during the race, and also the most important part of a Formula 1 car. You have owned a car with the perfect design, a motor not everyone has, and you have trained for years to wait for this great moment. You are leading the race and sweeping to the No. 1 – and “BANG”, a tire suddenly has problem. Perhaps what you are doing then is slamming rumbling your helmet on the steering wheel.
Like many other parts of the car, the technical standards for the tires are very strict regulations. 2 front tires must be from 12 to 15 inches wide, 2 rear tires must be from 14 to 15 inches wide. 4 longitudinal grooves must be continuous around the circumference of the tire, and these grooves have to be at least 2.5mm deep and 50mm wide.

Tires are made of very soft rubber compound, so when it heats up, it has a very good traction on the road. You had better warm up your tires before entering the track; it will help you to get stability when officially starting.

You can prolong the life of your tires by controlling the rotation of the wheels. In fact, most of today F1 cars are using the system to control traction through electronic sensors. This system will compare the frequency of rotation of the wheel with the vehicle speed. If the rotation speed is too great – the engine will be automatically adjusted.

6. Steering wheel

The steering wheel of a Formula 1 car is like the command center of all activities of the vehicle. You may be very surprised at the first time admiring this steering wheel. It is not different from a control panel when owning a very large number of switches, buttons, yet its size is only a half of the conventional steering wheel. Thanks to it, you can easily control all aspects of the vehicle operation – changing the gear, mixing the fuel, balancing the brake and even more than that. All is done with just one click.

Terrain Auto Racing: A Hobby Very Professional

At weekend, what do you do if having day-offs? Sleeping, cafe, shopping, online, or visiting relatives and beloved people…? If you ask an off-roader (terrain auto racer), it is sure that his answer would be: Why don’t I pull the car out and go puddle?

Off-road and terrain auto racing clubs

No documents exactly confirm when the history of off-road ever starts but the word “off-road” has been mentioned much since the early 20th century, when the transportation by motor appeared. Today, we can understand simply that conquering and exploring the lands with difficult terrain or stretches of road difficult to go, a lot of mud, less people traveled is a prerequisite for modern off-road vehicles launched. The specialty of off-road that is you can’t go alone, i.e., you should have teammates, everyone supports each other, rely on each other to overcome the difficult roads. From this common passion, those people become brothers.

Actually, off-road is now no longer so strange and new for auto enthusiasts, when there are people who have been acquainted with this auto racing hobby for almost a dozen years. Most of them knew each other through forums about car racing many years ago, have together experienced over the trips, and then found the terrain automobile clubs.

These are the voluntary social organizations, bringing individuals irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, occupation and having a common terrain cars passion together. The passion and a sense of responsibility in the campaigns helpful for community is the guideline for all activities of the clubs.

The true men

Off-road passion derives partly from the personality. They are the people who like the adventure, like to do different things. When having the condition to purchase cars, they have chosen vehicles with high chassis, and 2 wheel drives instead of a fancy and expensive car, even their cars cost less money and are less luxurious.

The terrain automobile racer said: “The most happiness off-road gives them is the feeling winning every challenge. When newly playing this subject, everyone nearly feared to slippery roads, high steeps, and deep pools, but after crushing, conquering the new roads urges their new journeys. With off-road, we have shown the strength of men.”

For the racers, rollover is very normal. Due to the characteristics of this sport is the car can’t move fast, and the terrain is dangerous, the insurance on the vehicle is very safe with the frame against turning to protect the driver when the whole body is stuck tightly on the driver’s seat thanks to insurance system. Therefore, virtually no one was injured when the car overturned.

A hobby very professional

The pleasure of playing off-road vehicles also comes from the “concocting” the car. If some racers prefer “concocting” his car by placing prefabricated furniture from abroad with perfect and expensive kits, other racers choose to create and cut by themselves to be less expensive a lot. That means they self-created the cars according to their ideas from the old chassis, the price may be only a few hundred dollars. Because there are no conditions to invest much, everyday they will go to automobile garages to “pick up” the devices suitable for their car and then assemble and upgrade gradually. Till now, their race cars are the real “steed”, not inferior to anyone.

The experience of those who are the people concocted the off-road vehicles is to concoct the vehicle according to the schedule, today concoct this part, tomorrow insert the others, looking the car changing gradually is a pleasure. Watching the car daily, getting to the garage once or twice a week, then consulting on the Internet or friends to come up with the strange ideas is really bringing inspiration.

If you want to play a sport like circus with this car, apart from knowing how to drive and having experience to control the car to overcome the dangerous and muddy stretch of road, players also need to have knowledge of mechanical engineering, machine building . Thus the racers almost know how to fix the basic error when their beloved cars seizures. If the ill is so serious, of course the owners have to send their steed into the garage to solve the problem.

An off-roader said that apart from the cost of concocting the vehicle, in average the riders will spend about a hundred dollars / month for this hobby with costs such as accommodation, petrol… When attending the off-road prizes, although the bonus for the winner is not high, what makes the racers love really is the experience: They are challenged and honored.

Interesting Things You Should Know About Formula 1 Auto Racing Tournament

Born in the 1920s-1930s, formerly known as Grand Prix racing award, the Formula 1 auto racing now has become one of the biggest and toughest races all over the world. Attracting millions of fans and billions of dollars in funding, the people stepping on highest podium of this race are honored as real heroes.

Every time the Formula 1 auto racing starts, of course, all of us are curious about the champion of the year. Every year, there are many changes in law, technology, and even the drivers, making us difficult to catch up all the information. And there are some things about this auto racing, but maybe you still haven’t known.

Racing autos

• Did you know that a car is composed of nearly 80,000 devices? When assembling these vehicles, 99.9% accuracy is not enough because just 0.1% failure also means that 80 details were installed wrong.
• One of the most important parts of the car – engine – can only race in 2 hours. It is really short when compared to the engine of a common car that can serve us in about 20 years.
• With a maximum speed, a Formula 1 engine “eats’ 0.40 kg gas in a second. That gas amount is enough to inflate 600 balloons within a minute.
• It is known that the power to thrust the car into the track is up to 240km / h. Therefore, Formula 1 cars will create a downward force so great that it can be run and roll on the ceiling of tunnel.
• The F1 cars are fitted with a 10mm thick wooden panel below to ensure the car to be not too low, i.e., increase the motivation excessively. If in the race, this wood panel is effete over 1mm, riders will be disqualified from the competition.

The professional drivers

  • Each Formula 1 racer loses about 600 calories for a race. At the same time, he will also lose 4kg weight because he exposure to G force and temperature rising.
  • There are approximately 5 G forces that drivers can feel: Their bodies must endure the pressure that is 5 times more than the body weight whenever they increase the speed at turning corners.
  • Lella Lombardi is the only woman ever scoring in Formula 1 races.
  • When he was 10 years old, Lewis Hamilton approached the president of the McLaren Group – Ron Dennis and told him: “I want someday to race with the cars of you”. Only three years later he was admitted to the talent support program of McLaren, and then became one of the youngest champions in history.
  • Nick Heidfeld kept a pretty sad record when he is the 2nd rider most times without ever winning.


  • British Grand Prix race in 2003 was interrupted when Neil Horan, a Catholic priest launched to between the track and raised the banner of religion.
  • In the beginning of the Formula 1 auto races, per pit-stop lasted until 4 minutes.
  • In contrast to the above, the fastest gasoline pouring time in history cost just 1.9 seconds. This record belongs to Mark Webber in the race season in 2013.
  • All manhole shields are welded down before the Monaco Grand Prix starts since the down force of a Formula 1 racing car capable of sucking them up.
  • There are about 55 million viewers in medium around the world watching the Formula 1 auto racing tournament (Grand Prix Prize) during the season. This fully shows the strong appeal of the Formula 1 cars on the tracks around the continents.

Formula E Auto Racing Is Both Cheap And Safe

If Formula 1 (F1) race is an expensive game with many countries and the racing teams, the future may belong to the Formula E (FE) tournament.

Not loud, not quick, not dangerous, inexpensive and also friendly to environment, Formula E is the first electric auto racing competition in the world. It sounds bad if placing these cars next to the expensive Formula 1 racing autos but since the second season, FE is inspiring a new generation of fans.

Low budget

It is not wrong to say that F1 cars are the million-dollar machine because before each season, the racing teams have to invest not less money to upgrade, modify according to the regulations that the Federation of International Automobile (FIA) launched. Also, just with a good engine and a racer as Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes racing team was able to dominate the F1.

Meanwhile, in FE, rules, tournaments and budgets are tighter. If a season in F1 has the cost at least $ 44 million just with the small racing teams, budgets at FE are limited in $ 3.5 million. Each FE racing teams are using the same battery and chassis design, but since the 2nd season, they are free to develop motor around electric motors, inverters and gearboxes.

However, according to the racer Sebastien Buemi of the Red Bull Racing team, due to the design of the cars are the same, the technical regulations are fair, so it is difficult to create a difference in performance among the teams.

Differences in noise

Because they use the electric motors so the Formula E can’t roar like the F1 cars. But, as Buemi revealed, despite the difference in decibels, the feeling of sitting behind a FE car is also not different from a F1 car.

“People really want to know whether an electric racing auto has any difference from the F1 cars, but the feeling of driving a one-seat car is the same” explained Buemi. “The FE vehicles may be heavier because of the battery behind but in fact, the F1 and FE cars are also not much different. FE vehicles also have gears, brake, and pedals. I firmly believe that in the near future, the only difference between F1 and FE cars is only the noise.”

Equally at speeds

When Hamilton reached the speed of 225 miles / hour (362 kilometer / hour) at the Mexican Grand Prix race last season, in newly looking it seems that the British racer will make the colleagues in Formula E be in the dust, but the fact is not entirely that.

Although FE track is shorter than F1, but if taking a race like Monaco Grand Prix for comparison, the highest speed of ePrix is about 134-137 miles / hour (215-220 km / h), and the speed of F1 cars can reach up to 174 miles / hour (280 km / h). Currently, the F1 cars are clearly quicker but should remember that FE just begins its second season and they can improve to shrink the speed compared its brother.

One-day race

Normally, one race of the Grand Prix in Formula 1 tournament lasts more than 3 days with the driving training session and qualifying round on Friday, Saturday and the official race on Sunday. Conversely, FE completes two driving training sessions (in 45 or 30 minutes), qualifying round and the official race just on Saturday.

So the price of ePrix is cheaper than F1. Such as the day-ticket at Punta de Este (Uruguay) ePrix race ranges from 18 to 93 USD. For comparison, the price of tickets for the F1 Grand Prix at Australia race in earlier this year will be 150 USD and can be up to 3800 USD for 4 days.

If you think that lasting the racing days will help F1 racers to have time to rest, and adjust tactics, FE will be less predictable because the time to perform is faster. Hence, the race is intense and fierce.

Racing on street

If the famous racetrack as Monza in Italy, Silverstone in Britain and Spa in Belgium were familiar with F1 fans, the FE cars can’t race on the same lap due to using battery.

Instead, Formula E autos will race on the streets located in the center of major cities such as Beijing or London. Shrinking the racetrack on street is very suitable for urban traffic and brings the race closer to the fans.

10-stage is temporary

In 2016, F1 has increased the number of racing stages to 21 and it makes the riders complain about having to compete too much and move continuously, the FE tournament has only 10 stages after adding the new ePrix in Paris and Mexico in the second season. Expected in the future, the FE will appear in Australia and Africa.

“We also want to expand but 21 stages are too much,” CEO of Formula E Alejandro Agag said. “Maybe 16 or 18 stages are reasonable.”